Luca Di Zugo

I was born in early 2022 in the holiday paradise Camping Stobreč Split in Croatia. When I was about 10 weeks old, I met Papa Nils on the way to the restaurant.

Since I'm a great adventurer, I made it clear to him that I want to have many adventures. So he took me in with him.

Our first adventure together was the trip to my new home in Zug, because we had to use two planes in a row: first from Split to Vienna, and then from Vienna to Zurich.

Today I am a flying tomcat and commute between Zug and Berlin every few weeks. They already know me at the airport. I have a lot of friends in Zug's old town when I dance over the rooftops.

I work in the salon every other day and entertain our guests there. They like cuddling and ball games. But I also like to lie around lazily and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

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